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”Victory Prepaid” is located in Winchester, Virginia.

This Website was created to help and encourage people to read and become familiar with what God has told us. We also want to give Churches and Businesses an opportunity to make their name, location and service times and their programs easy to find and know what they are all about.  Also approved by Victory Prepaid.com, churches and small businesses in these economic times, will be able to benefit from repetitive exposure, and afford great information about their Church or business that will get their name out to the public for all to see, helping them succeed in todays market.

Also as part of our mission, we want to share the Word of God with as many people as possible, sparking interest in their eternal security.

As you know, the printed page is not read like it used to be read.  You only search the printed page if you are already looking for that item.

Our website provides people the source to get information, and shows them many wonderful Churches with their times location, ministries and other activities and events and special announcements.

Our website also provides Businesses and their special promotions, to get them to visit your store and website.

Most, people do not read the newspaper anymore.

They get most, if not all of their information from the internet, and we want to capitalize on that for your benefit.

It is Our Goal to HELP YOU Succeed in all your efforts: You send us Interactive Information to literally bring people to your Church or business and customers to your business promotions and even your website if you have one !!!  To provide your Church or business with the exposure and name recognition for your local area and beyond.

We Will: 

Format your  information on our website. Viewers search your information and promotion on the Victory Prepaid website, which will encourage reading your information or promotional information. Add your Church or business to our sponsor’s page.

Send your info and start benefiting today !

To become a sponsor with us is Simple !  Just click on the “Why Be a Sponsor with Victory Prepaid” in the menu at top of page!!

Send us your Church or Business info and or logo on a business card size to insert in the Home page.

Send your info and or promotional info and start benefiting today !

Separately, send us your info or information as described above.

Regular Content Includes:

Name, Address, Phone Number, Web Link, Special of the Week, and Discounts.

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