Why be a Sponsor of Victory Prepaid

Benefits to being a Sponsor
1.  Continuous Exposure People are going to visit the Victory Prepaid website OVER and OVER!!! 

2.  You can offer Different  “SPECIAL’S” or “update your info” each week on Your Info Page, so when someone clicks on your card on the Home Page it takes them to your page,

3.  Your cost is any donation, with a minimum of $30.00 to be eligible for a listing. (If you would like to make a donation, and not have a listing, that is fine.  You may just want to be a part of getting God’s Word out to a lot of folks that may not take the time to read it.) We doubt you can beat our high Exposure Rate.

4.  What makes Our Exposure Rate the best?  Sight (Your Personal Page),  Repetition (A challenge that requires people to see our  showcase of  your church or business to the world), and Information (Having your website, special’s, your phone number etc.. listed on our site, so that customer’s can reach out to you quickly.)

Use our business card size space that will direct people to your many different messages!!!  Announcements, Birthday, Wedding, Baby, Congratulations…   For Sale, For Rent…..  

In Memory / In Honor……  Special Events such as Picnic, Auction, Yard Party, Grand Opening

We at Victory Prepaid have already become very aware of the businesses set up on our website because of reading the sponsors name, over and over.

This helps customers remember your business. Sight, Repetition, and Information.
Repetition   Repetition

Certainly you have heard of Location..Location..Location.

Obviously the Repetition.. Repetition.. Repetition of that has done it’s job.


Sign up today to benefit from Interactive Information and Exposure with Financial Rewards. !!!!


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